Dr. Suzanne Smart

Education, Experience & Research

Suzanne Smart is a graduate of Southwest Acupuncture College.  She has been a practicing NM-licensed Doctor of Oriental Medicine (DOM), and a National Diplomat of Acupuncture, since 1996.  Since 2001 Dr. smart has held Expanded Licensure, RX2, which includes the ability to do nutritive intravenous therapies and prescribe bio-identical hormones and perform injection therapies.  Since graduating, she has continued her studies in Oriental Medicine.


The following ongoing studies have greatly augmented her ability to diagnose and treat the endocrine, immune and neural problems, which are increasingly running rampant in our society and are not finding solutions with standard medical care. Advanced Courses Completed

  • The Respiratory/Circulatory Model of Healthcare, as devloped by J. Gordon Zink, DO., Taught by Fred Mitchel Jr. DO, 2016.
  • Ozone Congress, Frank Shallenberger, 2015.
  • Kiiko Matsumoto, Foot, Jue and Neck Pain, 2015.
  • Kiiko Matsumoto, Small Intestine, Hormones, Autoimmune, 2015.
  • Reversing Physical Aging with Hormone & Nutritional Therapies, IHS, Brussels, 03/09/13.
  • Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Symposium, San Diego 06/05-06/08/13.
  • Practical Hormone Therapy Workshops, IHS, Brussels, 04/14-04/16/10, 21 hrs. Topics: Extensive presentation of case studies, problem solving.
  • Endocrinology from Childhood to Old Age, IHS, Brussels, 05/11-05/13/10, 21 hrs.
Topics covered: Brain Hormones: Pregnenolone; Growth Hormone treatment in adults; Growth Hormone secretagogues; Growth hormone risks and controversies; Genetic typing and hormone therapy; Andrology: men with androgen deficiency, prostate hypertrophy, prostatitis, peronei disease, sexual problems; Gynecology: premenopause, fibroids, ovarian and breast cysts, fertility; Postmenopause therapy; Pediatric Endocrinology: to prevent premature aging, growth disorders, safe doses of cortisol for children, hypothyroidism in children, adrenal and hormone deficiencies, genital underdevelopment, intelligence promotion with hormones;
Geriatric endocrinology: adaptations to elderly patients.
  • Nutritional and Hormone Therapies of Endocrine Disorders, IHS, Brussels, 11/19-11/21/09, 21 hrs. Topics covered:
Obesity: Endocrine deficiencies of the heaviest people -face, neck, limbs, calves, abdominal, hip & buttock, cellulite; Prader-Willis syndrome, practical case presentation;
MSH & oxytocin;
Brain Trauma and Hormones;
Bone Hormones: calcitonin, parathormone; 
Intensive hormone therapy, practical case presentation;
Diabetes: types 1 & 2;
Micro-nutritional treatment of diabetes;
Nutritional therapies: scientific studies;
Hormone excess: hyper estrogen in men & women; DHT excess in men; Polycystic ovaries;
Hormones for male & female orgasm;
Hormones for fibromyalgia;
Hormones that are protective against cancer;
Quality of life hormones; 
Progesterone therapy for men;
EPO effects, diagnosis, treatment, uses in disease & sports;
Efficient micronutrient combination for erectile function.
  • Endocrine Consultation & Exam, IHS, Paris, 09/20-09/23/08, 21 hrs.  Topics covered: The endocrine consultation, physical exam, thyroid, curing diseases with hormones;
The endocrine system: a review;
Hormone actions: an overview;
Factors that impact on the endocrine system;
Effects of Hormone Therapies on free radicals: the antioxidant hormones;
Effects of Hormone Therapies on Lifespan;
Hormone lab tests and treatment: overview;
Balancing the Hormone system;
Endocrine dysfunctions in Chronic Fatigue Syndrome;
Thyroid deficiency;
Anamnesis – physical exam;
Interpretation of lab tests: blood, saliva, 24 hr urine;
Case studies;
Treatment of sexual problems with hormone treatments.
  • Neurotoxicology and Lipid Exchange, 10/11.  A method of neural detox to repair the cell wall and concurrently remove heavy metals and toxins.  This method was developed by Dr. Patricia Kane and is known as the PK Protocol.  The PK Protocol is now well documented in the US and internationally to treat a wide range of diseases such as autism, MS, Parkinson’s, neuropathies, and cardiovascular disease.  Both intravenous and oral routes of administration are effective.
  • 2nd Annual Riordan IV C and Cancer Symposium, 10/7-10/9/10, 22 hrs.  The use of high dose intravenous vitamin c in the treatment of cancer.
  • 1st Annual Riordan IV C and Cancer Symposium, 10/2-10/4/09, 22 hrs.
  • Drugs that Don’t Work, Natural Therapies that DO, David Brownstein, 07/11/09, 14 hrs.
  • Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy, IHS, AAAM, Bio Identical Hormone Society, 02/28, 02/29 & 03/01/08, 26 hrs.
  • Injection Therapy, G.P. McRostie, 6/30/07, 7 hrs.
  • Injection Therapy, Dr. Jonas Skardis, 2/25/06, 7 hrs.
  • Managing Biotransformation, IFM, 04/19-04/22/06, 22.5 hrs.
  • Immune System Under Siege, IFM, 05/24-05/28/05, 22 hrs.
  • Injection Therapy, Jonas Skardis, 02/15/04, 7 hrs.
  • Reversing the Pandemic of Diabetes & Metabolic Syndrome, IFM, 05/11-05/15/04, 23.5 hrs.
  • Balancing Body Chemistry, Harry Eidenier, 11/16/03, 7 hrs.
  • Practical Application of Ultraviolet Blood Irradiation and Ozone Therapies, Patti Wooldridge, 07/04, 14 hrs.
  • Back & Neck Problems, Anxiety Disorders, Menopause & Magnet Treatments, 
Kiiko Matsumoto, 07/10-07/11/10.
  • Adrenal Medulla, Chronic Lungs, Chronic Stomach, Kiiko Matsumoto, 6/28/09.
  • Master Nagano’s Cranial Acupuncture, 06/28-06/29/08.
  • Expanded Medical Ethics, Bob Flaws, 05/07.
  • Constitutional Facial Acupuncture, 11/04-11/05/06.
  • Basics of the Balance Method, Dr. Richard Tan, 01/14/06.
  • The Power of Needles, Dr. Richard Tan, 01/13/06.
  • Chinese Classics: the Su Wen & Ling Shu, Kiiko Matsumoto, 07/16-07/17/05.
  • Balancing the Woman, Dr. Richard Tan, 01/18/04.

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