When cooking, both for flavor and health, it goes without saying to use the freshest organically grown ingredients possible. One way to do this is when you shop look for the produce which shines out with vitality. Using good quality fats and oils is especially important as well though sometimes it is not easy to find them. Herbs and spices should be fresh and organic as well. Generally it is best to replace spices in your cabinet if they are over a year old.

Use high quality heavy pots which have good lids. DO NOT COOK WITH TEFLON OR ALUMINUM. The lids should be designed to hold the moisture and nutrients in, recycling through the dish during cooking.

Use natural wood cutting boards and utensils. Store food in glass or ceramic containers.


This can be infinitely varied with different vegetables, seasonings and different meats or no protein at all.  The following is a favorite standby.

Warm about 2 tbls olive oil in heavy pan such as Le creuset.
Add a sprinkle of celtic sea salt, pepper and herbs desired.
Add about ½ sliced onion,.
Layer root vegetables, such as carrot slices, turnip, daikon radish, potatoes, as available.
Add ½ cup rice (golden rose short grain brown rice) and ¼ cup lentils.(red)
Add more herbs, spices salt & pepper to taste, and squeeze of lemon
½ a cube of Rapunzel vegetable broth. Add chopped fresh ginger, about 1 teas or more if you want.

(Some herbs you can use:   Herbs of Provence, oregano, thyme, rosemary, sage Some spices: Curry, cumin, coriander   whatever you are in the mood for).

Pot should be simmering by now, the steam cooking the rice, lentils and vegetables.
Tomato can be added at this point, fresh or canned.  Cover.
Place ground lamb shaped into meatballs or lamb sausage or chicken on top of everything.
Over this, place green vegetables such as broccoli, turnip greens, kale, squash, etc.
Simmer for a few minutes or until you start smelling the food.   Add liquid as needed, at least 2 cups.
Simmer until veggies and rice are done.  I add the greens last so they are not over cooked.  Add more liquid and herbs/ spices salt, lemon to your taste.
Allow the pot to sit and settle 5-10 minutes once it is done.  Taste for flavor and adjust seasoning.

Serve on warmed dish & Enjoy!


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Harvest Time Tomato Salad Recipe

Harvest Time Tomato Salad Recipe

When you have all those ripe tomatoes on hand here is a great recipe rich in many vitamins including c to boost your immune system.

Wash, then slice ripe tomatoes about ¼ “ thick.  Using a glass or ceramic bowl or jar, first drizzle a small amount of olive oil on the bottom.  Then, alternate layers of tomato slices, fresh minced garlic, and basil leaves.  Sprinkle each layer with unrefined sea salt and drizzle with olive oil.  (If desired you can also layer finely sliced red onion with it as well.    Also you can add fresh chopped parsley.)

Use up all your tomatoes then cover the bowl/jar and allow it to sit at room temperature for at least an hour preferably several.  Serve at room temperature.


Can be stored in the refrigerator for up to a week and provides a wonderful salad to have on hand.  You can also heat this mixture up.  It’s a wonderful sauce for meats, pasta and grains.

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Chicken Soup Recipe for Fall & Winter

Chicken Soup Recipe for Fall & Winter

This is good both as a preventive measure and medicinally.  Plus it is easy to make and great to have on hand.


One Chicken.

Put it in a pot.

Cover with water or stock. Bring to a simmer & simmer partially covered.

Throw in vegetables, which you have chopped up such as onion, garlic, carrots, celery, and parsnips

Optional juice of one lemon

After chicken is done, about an hour (it is falling apart) allow the soup to cool,

Then remove the chicken from the pot and remove the skin and bones.  (You can save the bones to make additional chicken broth if desired)

Return the de-boned chicken to the pot.

Add herbs to taste such as parsley, more garlic, ginger and simmer a bit more.


Variations to this are endless.

Sometimes I sauté the onions garlic and carrots & green or red pepper in a little butter or coconut oil before adding the chicken and covering it with water or stock and adding vegetables.


Sometimes I use chicken thighs only and brown them and the vegetables before adding water or stock.


If you like spiciness add red pepper flakes or green chili.

Lime juice adds tartness.



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